Introducing a New, Valuable Reading Method for Deaf Students Who Sign

Creating a World Without Barriers with ASL Gloss™

What is American Sign Language Gloss?

The Gloss Institute (GI) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that holds the exclusive right to the American Sign Language (ASL) Gloss™ technology. This technology is key to the specialized literacy curriculum designed for schools with deaf students to allow them to learn to read without barriers. GI is committed to providing educators and schools with the necessary training and materials to create successful deaf readers.

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ASL Gloss™

Unlocking Literacy for Deaf Students

ASL Gloss™ is a pedagogical innovation that addresses the challenges deaf students face when trying to learn to read in English, a language they do not hear. The name ASL Gloss™ refers to English text being made clear or accessible via a form of written ASL.

ASL Gloss™ thus promotes a hybrid form of English words, arranged according to ASL’s grammatical structure. This structure allows for a bridge to occur, whereby deaf students can read in their own language, and then experience a transition to English literacy at the same time. The glossed text is part of a larger ASL Gloss™ program that requires a significant amount of curriculum, instruction, and assessment alignments.

Resources for Educators

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ASL Gloss™ Toolbox

  • Glossed books
  • Glossing services
  • The resource book
  • ASL/English comparative analysis sheets
  • ASL-phabet manual
  • ASL-phabet poster
  • ASL/English flashcards
  • ASL literature videos
  • ASL Gloss training program
  • ASL Gloss running records
  • Adapted reading measures
  • ASL proficiency assessment
  • ASL acquisition checklist
  • Gloss writing conventions

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