Discover Our Story

Learn about our journey at Gloss Institute, which originated in the vibrant community of Tucson, Arizona, and expects to grow our impact on deaf education across the globe.

About Us

The Evolution of ASL Gloss: Driven by Passion, Pioneered by Experience

Meet the innovative team behind Gloss Institute! Dr. Samuel J. Supalla, a University of Arizona professor and deaf community member, founded Gloss Institute (GI) and ASL Gloss™, which was first licensed by the University in 2003. As part of the Tech Launch Arizona program, we’re evolving ASL Gloss™ from a lab idea to a market solution, aligning with the University’s educational and research mission and aiming to improve literacy for deaf students globally.

Meet Our Team

Discover the passionate individuals driving our mission at the Gloss Institute. Our team, led by our CEO/President, Dr. Samuel J. Supalla, comprises dedicated educators, innovative researchers, and tireless advocates committed to revolutionizing deaf literacy. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, but we all share a common goal: to make literacy accessible for all deaf students through the power of ASL Gloss™.

For more information, contact Dr. Supalla at:

Dr. Samuel J. Supalla

University of Arizona

Dr. Andrew Byrne

University at Buffalo

Dr. Jody Cripps

Clemson University